Fairer Finance Hackathon 2020 Winner


It is with great pride that I am announcing Finexos has won the 2020 Fairer Finance Hackathon. It is testimony to the hard work and vision of the team at Finexos.

We didn’t set out to become another financial services provider in the UK that lacks the social and human connection needed by consumers. We set out as a game changer. Our ideas were too radical for some, that we could service what they thought was the most difficult sector of the market. The consumers who had been forgotten, left to the payday lenders and forced into poverty. We are proving that our innovation and new thinking can and will help solve the issue of the poverty premium, take millions of consumers out of subprime credit and that we can help stabilise the finances of millions more. They are our customer base.

Winning the Hackathon is huge recognition of our work. I am so grateful for the support and help that everyone offered during the build phase of FIOLA the Financial Intelligence Online Assistant; which is specifically designed to detect financial vulnerability and provide a range of solutions to those consumers, who need immediate help.

As we work towards the development of our MVP; mobile apps and core system, I look to the future with great excitement. The programme we are working to develop with our partners at CPRAS will be a huge boost to consumers who until now have been largely forgotten. Together we are making plans to change the way in which vulnerable consumers are treated and serviced.

Thank you to the judges for their confidence and for taking the time to understand what Finexos can do.

Mark Fisher
Founder and CEO Finexos